Mechanical Production from Metal

The mechanical production represents the main specialty of our company, which we perform according to customer wishes. This job-order manufacture is carried out including a surface finish treatment (powder coating, blast cleaning). The mechanical production in our company has been performed under utilization of rich experience which we possess in this field. If you need thermal cut-out pieces, weldments or other products, we can guarantee that a job-order manufacture from metal shall be carried out exactly according to your wishes.

Job-Order Manufacture

The mechanical production from metal accomplished by our Šanda Company according to our wishes and requirements. The job-order manufacture shall be processed in advanced machines warranting its first-rate quality. The job-order manufacture is carried out from series of materials, e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminum-base alloys, titanium, etc.

Surface Finishing

The surface finish treatment contributes to the final quality of a finished product. We are securing following surface finish treatments: blast cleaning, grease removal, phosphate coating, painting and metal coating (zinc coating...). The surface finish treatment is performed by means of first-rate technologies.

Powder Coating

In addition to blast cleaning there is securing in our paint shop also classical painting steel structures and parts. Powder coating is secured in cooperation with an external company. Powder coating has been secured by our partnership company under utilization of its rich experience in this field. If you are interested in classical or powder coating, do not hesitate and contact us.

Thermal Cut-Out Pieces

We are producing thermal cut-out pieces from stainless steel, copper, titanium and from aluminum-base alloys by means of the laser up to the 12 mm thickness. We produce the thermal cut-out pieces by means of the laser up to the 20 mm thickness. The laser thermal cut-out pieces are processed with accuracy of 0.1 mm in reference to a cut-out surface in the machine from Swiss Bystronic Company. In addition to we are producing steel thermal cut-out pieces by means of the plasma technology up to the 20 mm thickness and by the oxy-acetylene cutting machine up to the 200 mm thickness. We are able to manufacture thermal cut-out pieces even of very complicated forms according to customer wishes.