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skladové prostory až 25.000m2
kovovýroba vč. povrchové úpravy
moderní stroje vysoké kvality
česká společnost s tradicí


We perform gas-shielded welding black steels under 92%Ar + 8%CO2. We are in possession of total 25 welding working places equipped with semi-automatic welding machines intended for welding process of MIG/MAG from the CEBORA Company.

We are in possession of 2 welding working places equipped with TIG-process-welding machines intended for welding stainless steels

According to agreement with customers we are able to weld other materials as well, e.g. aluminum and its alloys, etc.

In addition to we can offer resistance welding of sheet metal parts (point welding) up to the 200 mm thickness of the sheet.

Recently we bought machinery for resistance welding nuts (M4 to M12) and threaded pins (M3 to M12) for our welding shop.

There are some weldments shown below which we had produces.